Car Accidents

Describing NHTSA standards for automobile black boxes in newer vehicles, and issues that have yet to be addressed by regulation.

What is an automobile event data recorder (EDR), or black box, and how does it work.

Issues that arise in personal injury and property damage claims following motor vehicle accidents.

Issues arising in accidents involving commercial trucks and big rigs.

How objects and debris on roads and highways can cause or contribute to auto accidents.

How the defense of governmental or sovereign immunity may be raised after a motor vehicle accident.

How a car owner can be liable for an accident caused by a different driver.

How employers may be liable for injuries resulting from car accidents caused by their employees.

How the use of a smart phone or similar device while driving contributes to car accidents.

How to protect yourself in the event of a car accident involving an uninsured driver.

How to protect yourself from an accident involving a driver who does not carry sufficient insurance to cover your losses.

Problems that you may encounter with your insurance company after an auto accident.

Issues arising from motor vehicle collisions involving buses and large vans.

Common issues that arise after accidents between bicycles and motor vehicles.

How driver error contributes to car accidents, including error that results from activity within a vehicle, distraction or fatigue.

How distractions from driving contribute to car accidents.

Issues that arise when drunk drivers cause car accidents, including property damage and personal injury.

How weather conditions affect road safety and contribute to car accidents.

How the design of roads and highways affects driver safety and contributes to car accidents.

How the condition of a road can affect driver safety and contribute to car accidents.

Issues and complications in recovering damages caused by hit-and-run drivers.

Issues that arise in motor vehicle accidents involving pedestrians.

Common issues that arise after accidents between motorcycles and other motor vehicles.

What you should do after you are involved in a car accident.