Product Liability

Introducing the important concepts of product liability law, and when the manufacturer, distributor or seller of a defective or dangerous product may be liable for injuries caused the product.

Information about potentially dangerous auto accessories and modifications, installed by dealers or post-market.

Explaining statutes of repose and how they differ from statutes of limitation.

Describing the effects of material selection, design, process and service condition on plastic parts.

How design, manufacturing and service problems contribute to motor vehicle accidents and injuries, and the legal issues surrounding defective vehicles.

Who is liable for injuries caused by the use or misuse of an air gun, pellet gun, BB gun or paint gun, and when is it possible to recover damages for an injury.

How consumer products, including some that on their surface seem safe or simple, may result in potentially serious injury.

How workers can get compensation for injuries they suffer as a result of exposure to toxins and hazardous products in the workplace.

Important aspects of a personal injury law and litigation.

Important concepts of litigation and lawsuits involving defective drugs and medical devices.

The role of computers and interfaces in accidents.