Motor Vehicles

Common mistakes made by used car sellers that can create financial and legal nightmares.

Common mistakes that people make when purchasing a used car, and how to avoid them.

How automobile event data recorder (EDR) data has been used in court, and how it may potentially be misleading.

Describing NHTSA standards for automobile black boxes in newer vehicles, and issues that have yet to be addressed by regulation.

What is an automobile event data recorder (EDR), or black box, and how does it work.

Information about potentially dangerous auto accessories and modifications, installed by dealers or post-market.

Issues that arise when drunk drivers cause car accidents, including property damage and personal injury.

How driver error contributes to car accidents, including error that results from activity within a vehicle, distraction or fatigue.

How the condition of a road can affect driver safety and contribute to car accidents.

How design, manufacturing and service problems contribute to motor vehicle accidents and injuries.

How distractions from driving contribute to car accidents.

How the design of roads and highways affects driver safety and contributes to car accidents.

How weather conditions affect road safety and contribute to car accidents.

What you should do after you are involved in a car accident.

How to create and keep good records for a lemon law case.

The remedies available to purchasers of lemon cars and motor vehicles.