What is discovery, what forms of discovery are available, and how to conduct discovery to obtain information from an opposing party.

What are class action lawsuits, how do they work, what should you do if you get a notice that you're in a class action, and what to do if you don't want to join.

What are the key factors in evaluating a personal injury claim and whether it is likely to result in a successful verdict or recovery of damages.

What is involved in starting a personal injury lawsuit, how do you identify defendants and causes of action, and what happens after you file your case in court.

What is a confidential settlement, why would a plaintiff or defendant choose to enter into a confidential settlement, and what are the risks for the plaintiff.

When is it appropriate to try to settle your own case without the help of a lawyer, and when to get help from a lawyer.

Why most personal injury cases settle before trial, why some cases don't settle, and how to avoid potential traps while settling your case.

What options are available to a party to a lawsuit who is not happy with the outcome of the litigation, or with the remedies or the amount of damages awarded by court.