Practice Management

Suggestions for marketing a law practice and nurturing client relationships.

Personal factors to consider when deciding whether to start an independent law practice.

What should a lawyer do when a client complaint about fees, service quality, or professional conduct?

What factors should you consider before starting an independent law practice?

With the demands of law practice, how you can improve the balance between your work and your personal life.

Questions that may be asked by a law practice that could help the law firm prevent problems in its attorney-client relationships and improve future service and client satisfaction.

With the Internet replacing the phone book, does it still make sense to purchase a yellow pages listing?

Ideas for coping with growth and managing workload.

Avoiding missteps that can createn an attorney-client relationship with a third party.

Describing case management and document automation technology, software, and procedure.

An introduction to professional specialization.

Tips for lawyers who want to grow their legal practices and get new clients.

Why it benefits lawyers and law firms to have formal business plans.

Describing the proper management and handling of electronic discovery, including email.