Expert Witnesses

How to look for and find an expert for a subject of law or area of legal practice.

How lawyers can avoid or reduce the cost incurring the cost of retaining an expert that they do not anticpate will testify, without having that expert's testimony later excluded by a court.

Big mistakes that lawyers may make when hiring and using expert witnesses.

Finding and using an effective expert witness.

What you can do after hiring an expert witness to make better use of your expert.

How differences between similarly qualified experts may significantly affect your case.

How expert witnesses can prepare for depositions and avoid falling into traps.

Tips for giving effective expert testimony in court.

Suggestions for lawyers who need to find and use expert witnesses.

Creating a contract for consulting services through a less formal agreement than a standard contract.

A formal contract for litigation consultants, which can be modified to suit your needs.

Tips for experts who wish to provide the best possible results for client law firms.

How to build business networks for expert witness services through referrals.

When an expert witness may be permitted to testify beyond the scope of his written report.

Suggestions for preparing an expert for cross-examination.

When to choose an independent psychiatric expert witness over the testimony of a treating psychiatrist.