Drunk Driving

When is a bar, tavern, restaurant or liquor store liable for serving alcohol to a customer who later causes injuries to others in a drunk driving accident.

What happens if you are convicted of an impaired driving charge in South Carolina.

The law imposes significant penalties on drivers under the legal drinking age who are caught operating a vehicle with a positive blood alcohol level, even if they are not impaired.

What blood alcohol signifies and how to estimate your blood alcohol level.

Commonly used terms, roadside sobriety tests, and breathalyzer technology.

Tips for people arrested for drunk and impaired driving offenses.

Describing typical charges in a drunk, drugged, or impaired driving case.

An introduction to impaired and drunk driving offenses.

What happens during a drunk or impaired driving traffic stop and investigation.

Common defenses that may be presented against a drunk or impaired driving charge, and how they work.

Describing testing procedures for blood alcohol in impaired driving cases, and the consequences of refusing a test.