Family Law

What do the terms "sole legal custody" and “sole physical custody" mean in a South Carolina family law case.

Is it legal for opposite-sex siblings to share a bedroom, and will it matter in a custody case.

What is meant by child custody, including legal, physical, sole and joint custody.

What is an injunction and when may you seek one against another person or business.

What happens when a parent wants to move to another home or state, before or after a custody order has been issued.

What are the factors that cause a court to award physical custody to one parent, or to modify a custody order.

Why it's usually a bad idea to secretly record your ex- in the hope of gaining an advantage in custody litigation.

What to do when the other parent is inconsistent or doesn't show up for child visitation.

Tips to help parents prepare for a court-ordered child custody evaluation.

Laws and legal proceedings affecting family relationships.

An introduction to false accusation cases, and the importance of a good defense.

When an unmarried couple breaks up, is it legal for one partner to lock the other out of a home, and what are the legal rights of the partner who is locked out?

How mothers and fathers can establish or challenge claims of paternity.

Practical and legal issues in leaving children at home without supervision.

Describing responses to the trafficking of women and children in the Philippines.

Describing family law, divorce, and child custody issues under Islamic law (Shari'a).

Free prenuptial agreement form including a post-marital endorsement.

What is a prenuptial (premarital) agreement, and is it useful.

The law of marriage and of civil unions.

Which states permit common law marriage, and how it works.

What an annulment is, and when it is available as an alternative to divorce.

Information about separation and separate maintenance agreements.

Discussing the lack of scientific basis for diagnosis of this syndrome.