Consumer Law

How to demand validation of a debt after you are contacted by a debt collector, under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

The rights of consumers contacted by debt collectors about money that they are alleged to owe, and remedies available when debt collectors violate the law.

With U.S. paper money imprinted with the declaration, "this note is legal tender for all debts, public and private", when can a business or government office refuse to accept cash payments.

Why governments regulate the online sale of prescriptions due to issues of consumer safety, counterfeiting, and industry lobbying.

How people are being cheated by international money order scams.

How consumer products, including some that on their surface seem safe or simple, may result in potentially serious injury.

Invitations to become a product tester in exchange for free merchandise are often scams.

How online survey offers for free merchandise are often designed to cheat consumers.

Why it isn't easy to get actual, free online legal advice.

Detecting and protecting yourself against vacation fraud and supposedly free travel offers that in fact come at a high price.

Avoiding being cheated by false promises of inheritance.

Common acts of fraud and misconduct by investment professionals.

How to determine if the offer you received for a cheap or free cruise is legitimate, and how to protect yourself from travel scams.

Common problems that arise when renting vacation properties from their owner, and how to avoid them.

Recognizing and avoiding advance fee fraud emails and letters, and why you should not contact somebody who is trying to run a scam on you.

Common types of fraud perpetrated by email spammers.

Protecting yourself from unscrupulous services that claim that they can repair your credit.

How to create and keep good records for a lemon law case, to help build and prove a claim for compensation involving a defective vehicle.

Your legal right to stop a collection agency from contacting you, and letters to send to collection agencies instructing them to stop contact pursuant to the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act....

Information for those who are considering buying or selling insurance plans for legal services.

What is spam email, and what can you do about it.

Tips for safely purchasing medication from Internet pharmacies, and how to protect yourself from being cheated or sold unsafe medications.

Information for those interested in buying medication online.

The remedies available to purchasers of lemon cars and motor vehicles, when lemon laws apply and protections that may benefit people whose cars aren't covered by lemon laws.

Special considerations when making sales to people with disabilities.