Business Law

Tips for people who are considering investing in a franchise, and for choosing between franchise opportunities.

Factors to consider before expanding your business directly or through franchising, and how to determine when your business is ready for expansion.

Attorneys and law firms should not plagiarize content for their websites, and should verify that their website designers are actually producing original content.

Why business owners need succession plans in place to protect themselves, their businesses and their successors.

What to consider when drafting a distributor agreement, and what to include in your agreement.

What must store employees observe before they can stop a patron for suspected shoplifting, and what consequences may result if they fail to follow best practices.

Defining agency relationships, and explaining when a principal may be liable in tort for the acts of its agent.

The benefit of automatic contract renewal for manufacturers' representatives.

Avoiding lopsided terms to facilitate development of long-term relationships.

How the regular involvement of a CPA can help businesses avoid legal and financial difficulties.

Writing security management plans that prevent problems.