Zachary Rymland

Zachary Rymland
Liquid Pictures
1639 San Pablo Ave
Berkeley, CA 94702
(510) 722-2733
Providing graphics and animation for litigation and forensic matters, biotechnology, architecture, and the entertainment and education industries.
Zac Rymland has close to 30 years experience designing in 3D space. Originally from Baltimore, Maryland, Zac graduated from UC Berkeley in 1987, with a degree in Architecture. He worked for a corporate architectural firm in San Francisco, as well as with a small start-up company in Oakland where he became one of the pioneers in this "new" field of 3D animation. "When I went to college, there were no degrees for what we were doing", Zac says, "especially on a PC platform". He was quickly promoted to upper management and after four years, saw many more possibilities and decided to forge ahead with his own creative ideas, and had the courage to initiate his own start up.

Liquid Pictures opened its doors in 1993. Zac has been the driving force behind the company since its inception, and now oversees staff, sub-contractors, all production and most importantly research and development. He is also responsible for keeping abreast of new software, technology, and keeping Liquid Pictures on the cutting edge. Zac is known among his peers as a technophile - if it's not modified it's not Zac's.
Services Offered: 
Litigation and Forensic Animation: Winning litigation requires the ability to educate, inform and influence a judge or jury. At Liquid Pictures, we create compelling demonstratives and concise tutorials that do exactly that. We help clients win in state and federal courts, ITC and Congressional hearings and level one arbitration.

Architectural Simulations: From a basic massing study or full on photo realistic animation, stand alone rendering or a photo or video montage, Liquid Pictures understands architecture, construction and design and knows how to convey it with the greatest impact.

Medical and Biotechnology: Whether for marketing, funding, educational or informational purposes, Liquid Pictures’ medical expertise enables us to create 3d medical and biotechnology animations and motion graphics with incredible accuracy and detail.

Entertainment and Education: Liquid Pictures began by creating beautiful cinematic sequences for multi-media productions. Since then we’ve developed rich environments and compelling imagery for games, education titles and various websites for clients such as the SF Giants and Apple.

Technical Photography and Videography: When it comes to photography and videography, challenging conditions are where we shine. We are continually investing in the hardware, software and knowledge required to capture difficult, complex and unique imagery. And it shows!

Desktop Publishing and Cover Design: Liquid Pictures has been designing books for large, small and self publishers/authors/corporations for many years. We work closely with select publishing consultants that help get your project into print and out in the world.
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