Nora Gruber

Nora Gruber
Square Cap Media
Video production company, producing mitigation and sentencing films for criminal defendants.
Ms. Gruber is a filmmaker based in Los Angeles with over thirteen years of professional broadcast media experience. She has taught film and TV production at UCLA where she also earned her Masters Degree at the School of Film & Television. She has received multiple awards including the Motion Picture Association Award, The Jack Oakie Award for Excellence in Cinema, the Jack K. Sauter Award for Television Writing and the National Association of Theater Owners Award. She has edited documentaries and programs for clients such as Conde-Nast,, and Hulu.
Services Offered: 
SquareCapMedia works with defense attorneys, defendants and mitigation specialists at the post-conviction/sentencing phase to produce high quality short documentary films about the defendant's personal history to mitigate sentences.
UCLA, MFA, 2012
Professional Affiliations: 
Aaron Romano, Esq
Lauren Gorman, Esq
Felicia Sullivan, LCSW
Doug Passon, Esq
Maj. Christopher Goewert, USAF/ JAG
States Served: 
Legal Consulting Services: 
Litigation Support

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