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Medical malpractice laws for the State of Connecticut.

Medical malpractice law for the State of Colorado.

Medical malpractice laws for the State of California.

Medical malpractice laws for the State of Arkansas.

Medical malpractice laws for the State of Arizona.

Medical malpractice laws for the State of Alaska.

Medical malpractice laws for the state of Alabama.

Schools and sports leagues have an obligation to implement policies to reduce the frequency of concussion in youth sport, and to properly respond to concussions when they occur.

What to watch out for when selecting a nursing home or care facility, or when evaluating whether it is time to move a loved one to a different facility.

What damages are available by somebody injured by exposure to hazardous substances.

When might the owner or person in control of land or a building be liable for criminal activity or other injury caused by allegedly inadequate security for their premises.

Information about bed sores, also known as decubitus ulcers or pressure sores, and when they indicate medical or nursing home neglect.

Allegations made about the safety of the medication, Celebrex.

When can a dog bite result in liability to its owner, caregiver, or a property owner.

How employers may be liable for injuries resulting from car accidents caused by their employees.

How to use photogrammetry in court.

Issues arising in accidents involving commercial trucks and big rigs.

Common issues that arise after accidents between motorcycles and other motor vehicles.

How objects and debris on roads and highways can cause or contribute to auto accidents.

How the defense of governmental or sovereign immunity may be raised after a motor vehicle accident.

How a car owner can be liable for an accident caused by a different driver.

How the use of a smart phone or similar device while driving contributes to car accidents.

How to protect yourself in the event of a car accident involving an uninsured driver.

How to protect yourself from an accident involving a driver who does not carry sufficient insurance to cover your losses.

Issues that arise in personal injury and property damage claims following motor vehicle accidents.

Issues arising from motor vehicle collisions involving buses and large vans.

Common issues that arise after accidents between bicycles and motor vehicles.

How distractions from driving contribute to car accidents.

How driver error contributes to car accidents.

Issues that arise when drunk drivers cause car accidents, including property damage and personal injury.