Submitting An Article To This Library

Why should I contribute to the library?

Your contribution will bring you recognition, as you will be credited as author both on the article page and a more comprehensive biography page that can be indexed in our directories. The compiled library of articles provides a breadth and depth of information that most attorneys simply don't have the time to develop on their own. The library is of great benefit to the public, and receives a great deal of web traffic. Authors report generating both business and media contacts through their articles.

Can I keep an article on my own website, and have you link it to your library or host a copy?

We are looking for unique content, so we do not republish articles that are already available online. If you have already published your article on your own website, or on a different website, you should focus your efforts on promoting the existing copy of the article. We do not link to articles hosted on other websites.

What type of articles do you want?

We are looking for any articles that might be interesting to our readers. A few examples:

Consumer Issues

    Drunk Driving Law In Iowa - Frequently Asked Questions
    How To Find A Lawyer
    Making Your Divorce Easier On Your Children
    Workers' Compensation - What Is The "Exclusive Remedy" Rule?
    Damages Caps - Do They Hurt Society More Than They Help?

Expert Witnesses

    What I Expect When I Hire An Expert Witness
    The Top Ten Mistakes Experts Make At Deposition
    How To Make Your Trial Testimony More Effective


    The Best Ways To Beat Job-Related Stress
    How I Found My Dream Job
    "Alternative Careers For Lawyers" - A Book Review
    The Top Ten Mistakes Attorneys Make In Family Court

We want to provide a broad range of information. If you write about what you know, what you would like your clients to know, or what interests you, you will probably be on target.

All submissions should be original and unique. If you have published the same article elsewhere, you should focus your effort on promoting that existing publication.

When I submit an original writing to ExpertLaw, do I receive credit?

Yes. You will be acknowledged under the headline and at the bottom of the page displaying your work, with a "hot link" to your email address or website (if available). You will retain copyright over your work.

How do I submit my work?

You should register an account on this website. Once the account is activated you will be able to create new articles that will be queued for review. Articles that are approved will be published and indexed on this website.

Who holds the copyright to the work I submit?

You hold the copyright on your work. By submitting your work to us, including any images you upload to accompany your submissions, you certify that it is your own original work and that you have full authority to license us to distribute your work, and license us to distribute it through our services.

What if somebody edits my work, or updates it?

Works will be reviewed upon submission. Minor technical errors may be corrected prior to publication. If we propose more significant changes to your work, we will submit our suggestions to you for review. We will not make material changes to your work without your permission, but may decline to distribute works that do not meet our submission guidelines or editorial standards. You may edit your work at any time, and your updated article will be queued on our site for review. Outdated articles may be removed from the site at our discretion.

Are there any modifications you will make without my permission?

Other than as described herein, we will not change the text of your submission. We reserve the right to change the text of any information we add to the page, including but not limited to the title, summary, acknowledgement, or graphics without notice to you, and we reserve the right to make formatting changes, including reformatting your submission to a format consistent with other materials we provide. We also reserve the right to add "hot links" to other relevant web pages from the text of your article. For example, if you reference the American Bar Association, we may turn that reference into a "hot link." We will not knowingly link to any materials that will in any way diminish or reflect poorly on you or your writing - please recall that any link that would embarrass you will also embarrass us.

What will my article look like after it is published?

It will look pretty much like this sample. Please note, however, that the background image, font, font size, graphics, and other design elements may be changed as this service develops, without any notice to you. (You may of course visit our website at any time, to see our presentation of your work.)

What if a dispute arises?

In the event that a dispute arises between a person who submits a work and ExpertLaw, all issues shall be resolved under the laws of the State of Michigan, Washtenaw County, which shall be the exclusive venue for the resolution of any claims directly or indirectly arising as a result of the publication of the article.

Copyright © 2008 Aaron Larson, All rights reserved. No portion of this article may be reproduced without the express written permission of the copyright holder. If you use a quotation, excerpt or paraphrase of this article, except as otherwise authorized in writing by the author of the article you must cite this article as a source for your work and include a link back to the original article from any online materials that incorporate or are derived from the content of this article.

This article was last reviewed or amended on Feb 10, 2017.