State Law

What are the normal procedures for a personal injury trial, including jury selection, testimony, argument, instructions to the jury, and verdict.

What is an expert witness opinion and what are the rules for admitting expert testimony at trial.

What options are available to a party to a lawsuit who is not happy with the outcome of the litigation, or with the remedies or the amount of damages awarded by court.

Why most personal injury cases settle before trial, why some cases don't settle, and how to avoid potential traps while settling your case.

What should you do if you are not happy with your lawyer's work, no longer trust your lawyer, or want to work with a different lawyer? What are the consequences of changing lawyers?

When is it appropriate to try to settle your own case without the help of a lawyer, and when to get help from a lawyer.

What are the special circumstances that can affect the ability of injured construction workers to obtain compensation, and when can a construction worker bring a personal injury claim.

Who is liable for injuries caused by the use or misuse of an air gun, pellet gun, BB gun or paint gun, and when is it possible to recover damages for an injury.

How consumer products, including some that on their surface seem safe or simple, may result in potentially serious injury.

How workers can get compensation for injuries they suffer as a result of exposure to toxins and hazardous products in the workplace.

What is a confidential settlement, why would a plaintiff or defendant choose to enter into a confidential settlement, and what are the risks for the plaintiff.

What is a release agreement for a personal injury claim, and what are the consequences of signing a release agreement.

Obtaining funds for the costs of litigation, and for your personal needs and medical care.

How to build business networks for expert witness services through referrals.

A formal contract for litigation consultants, which can be modified to suit your needs.

Avoiding missteps that can createn an attorney-client relationship with a third party.

Creating a contract for consulting services through a less formal agreement than a standard contract.

Tips for experts who wish to provide the best possible results for client law firms, from establishing credibility through giving effective testimony.

How do family courts address common issues in child custody litigation.

Suggestions for lawyers who need to find and use expert witnesses, or who are preparing to cross-examine an opposing party's expert.

Important aspects of a personal injury law and litigation.

What you should do after you are involved in a car accident, and how to protect your rights if you are injured in the accident.

Describing common birth injuries, and related issues of medical malpractice, and legal remedies available to babies injured by medical negligence.

What is legal malpractice and when is a lawyer liable to a client for mistakes made while handling a case.

What are the most common forms for a business entity, including partnerships, corporations and LLCs and factors affecting how businesses choose an appropriate legal structure.

Describing case management and document automation technology, software, and procedure.

How to find and hire a good personal injury lawyer.

Describing case management and document automation technology, software, and procedure.

How online survey offers for free merchandise are often designed to cheat consumers.

Invitations to become a product tester in exchange for free merchandise are often scams.