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Issues that arise in motor vehicle accidents involving pedestrians, including liability of the driver for the pedestrian's injuries.

Common issues that arise after accidents between motorcycles and other motor vehicles, and liability issues for motorcycle accidents and injured bikers.

Issues and complications in recovering damages caused by hit-and-run drivers, and what to do if your car is hit by a hit-and-run driver.

How objects and debris on roads and highways can cause or contribute to auto accidents, and why it can be difficult to bring an injury claim for accidents that result from the presence of debris...

Issues arising in accidents involving commercial trucks and big rigs, and when drivers, truck owners and employers may be liable for injuries resulting from truck accidents.

How to use photogrammetry in court.

How the condition of a road can affect driver safety and contribute to car accidents, and how road conditions may factor into personal injury claims.

Issues arising from motor vehicle collisions involving buses and large vans, and the legal rights of people injured in accidents involving buses.

Common issues that arise after accidents between bicycles and motor vehicles, actions that help avoid bicycle accidents, and liability issues that may result from car-bicycle accidents.

How to protect yourself in the event of a car accident involving an uninsured driver.

Problems that you may encounter with your insurance company after an auto accident.

How the design of roads and highways affects driver safety and contributes to car accidents.

How weather conditions affect road safety and contribute to car accidents, and to liability for accidents that result from driving errors.

How the use of a smart phone or similar device while driving contributes to car accidents.

How to protect yourself from an accident involving a driver who does not carry sufficient insurance to cover your losses.

Learn about lawsuit funding, the options available for obtaining a loan or funds while a lawsuit is pending, and the costs of lawsuit funding options.

A retired police lieutenant describes the investigation of serial murder cases.

When should the beneficiary of a structured settlement consider selling the settlement, and What are the costs and benefits of sale.

Why obtain a structured settlement, the pros and cons of structured settlements, and when it is better to choose a lump sum settlement.

What do the claims that lawyers make on their websites and in their marketing materials mean, and which claims can help you figure out if a lawyer is truly skilled.

What happens when a defendant or insurance company demands that you undergo a medical examination with a doctor of their choice, and how to prepare for the examination.

If you're injured you may be thinking about representing yourself in your injury claim. When is it a better idea to hire a personal injury lawyer to represent you?

What are class action lawsuits, how do they work, what should you do if you get a notice that you're in a class action, and what to do if you don't want to join.

Why motorcycle accidents occur, how factors such as speeding, lane splitting, and how driver error contribute to accidents and the serious injuries that often result.

Why it can be difficult to recover damages from somebody who causes injury while committing a criminal offense, when recovery of damages may be possible, and other potential sources of...

How to maintain a good relationship with your personal injury lawyer, and avoid making mistakes that could harm your injury claim and recovery.

What is involved in starting a personal injury lawsuit, how do you identify defendants and causes of action, and what happens after you file your case in court.

What are the key factors in evaluating a personal injury claim and whether it is likely to result in a successful verdict or recovery of damages.

When can a worker who is injured at work or while performing job duties file a lawsuit for personal injury damages in addition to bringing a workers' compensation claim.

When does an injured worker have to reimburse the workers' compensation provider for expenses out of the proceeds of a personal injury lawsuit.