State Law

What it means for a court to enter a ruling that disposes of a case, and the importance of the date of disposition.

What is shoplifting, and what are the consequences of getting caught shoplifting.

Explaining the crimes of petty larceny (petty theft) and grand larceny (grand theft) and what to do if you're charged.

The process of posting bail or a bond after an arrest, how bail is set and paid, and what happens if you fail to appear in court after being released on bail.

Tips to help you save money while hiring a divorce lawyer.

What to do if you find out that a bench warrant has been issued for your arrest.

Tips for people who are planning to divorce without the cost of legal representation, and where they can find help and resources without hiring a lawyer.

Laws that reduce or eliminate statutory rape penalties for young people who are close in age.

How to divide tax exemptions for dependents in a manner recognized by the IRS.

Suggestions for marketing a law practice and nurturing client relationships.

Personal factors to consider when deciding whether to start an independent law practice.

When might a landlord or property manager become liable for an injury that occurs on its premises, and how to mitigate risks and the chance of a lawsuit.

What should a lawyer do when a client complaint about fees, service quality, or professional conduct?

What factors should you consider before starting an independent law practice?

What to consider when drafting a distributor agreement, and what to include in your agreement.

Schools and sports leagues have an obligation to implement policies to reduce the frequency of concussion in youth sport, and to properly respond to concussions when they occur.

With the demands of law practice, how you can improve the balance between your work and your personal life.

How to limit potential problems when selecting a trademark for your business or product.

What to watch out for when selecting a nursing home or care facility, or when evaluating whether it is time to move a loved one to a different facility.

Questions that may be asked by a law practice that could help the law firm prevent problems in its attorney-client relationships and improve future service and client satisfaction.

What damages are available to a person injured by exposure to hazardous substances, or in the event that a toxic tort causes property damage.

With the Internet replacing the phone book, does it still make sense to purchase a yellow pages listing?

The types of deed most commonly used in the sale or conveyance of real estate.

When might the owner or person in control of land or a building be liable for criminal activity or other injury caused by allegedly inadequate security for their premises.

What must store employees observe before they can stop a patron for suspected shoplifting, and what consequences may result if they fail to follow best practices.

Common methods of measuring speed for traffic law enforcement.

Information about bed sores, also known as decubitus ulcers or pressure sores, and when they indicate medical or nursing home neglect.

Legal and medical issues that arise from the presence of mold, and the obligations of a premises owner or landlord to address mold issues.

Common forms of securities fraud committed online or by email.

What are the signs of a loss of mental competence, such that a person may need a guardian, conservator or other legal protections.