State Law

Should law firms have multiple websites or focus their energy on developing a single, comprehensive website.

What is discovery, what forms of discovery are available, and how to conduct discovery to obtain information from an opposing party.

What are the various types of bad checks, and how can you get payment after a check is dishonored.

Don't agree to contract terms that allow your clients or customers to avoid paying you based upon future events that may never occur.

Is the recipient of a check prevented from collecting additional funds after accepting and depositing a check that is marked as payment in full.

Legal limits on interest rates, and the consequences of charging excessive interest.

Legal protections under the Equal Credit Opportunity Act, that restrict creditors from requiring that a spouse become a joint borrower or guaranty the other spouse's loan or line of credit.

How to obtain a guaranty to increase the likelihood of collecting money owed to you if a debtor falls behind on payments or defaults.

How the five C's of credit -- character, collateral, capacity, capital and conditions -- can help you avoid risk when extending credit.

If you are trying to collect a debt or get payment on a delinquent account, professionals may be of assistance.

Important differences between the prosecution of juvenile offenders and the prosecution of adults.

What are common problems that arise during legal representation, and what can a client do to resolve concerns or a dispute with a lawyer.

How to determine if a lawyer you consult is the right one for your case, and how to negotiate a fee agreement.

When an unmarried couple breaks up, is it legal for one partner to lock the other out of a home, and what are the legal rights of the partner who is locked out?

Is it legal to lock your husband or wife out of the marital home, and what you can do if you get locked out.

Simple steps you can take you restore your credit following a bankruptcy.

What are your rights and legal remedies if you're served contaminated food at a restaurant, resulting in food poisoning or other injury.

Practical and ethical problems that lawyers may encounter if they are not careful when hiring website promotion companies.

With U.S. paper money imprinted with the declaration, "this note is legal tender for all debts, public and private", when can a business or government office refuse to accept cash payments.

Explaining statutes of repose and how they differ from statutes of limitation.

Why business owners need succession plans in place to protect themselves, their businesses and their successors.

Explaining felony criminal offenses, the consequences of conviction, and how felonies differ from misdemeanor offenses.

Defining misdemeanor criminal charges and their consequences, and what is meant by a misdemeanor class or level.

You've seen the ads, infomercials, and maybe even some reality shows that make it look like it's fast and easy to make a fortune in real estate -- but odds are the only person getting rich is the...

How drugged driving charges differ from alcohol-related impaired driving charges, the problems that the laws may create for people who are lawfully taking prescription drugs, and common defenses...

The law imposes significant penalties on drivers under the legal drinking age who are caught operating a vehicle with a positive blood alcohol level, even if they are not impaired.

Find out what is involved in performing effective legal research.

Online legal dictionaries and glossaries, which can be crucial to effective legal research and accurate legal writing.

Sources of important, free legal forms for courts and government agencies.

When might a lawyer get in trouble for including an honor or rating on their website or in other advertising materials.