State Law

What happens when a parent wants to move to another home or state, before or after a custody order has been issued.

What is meant by the insanity defense, and how does it work in a criminal case.

When might a person be able to bring a defamation case based upon media coverage of a high profile incident or criminal case?

What are the factors that cause a court to award physical custody to one parent, or to modify a custody order.

How to create a trust for the future care of your pets, how to avoid possible problems during the administration of your pet care trust and alternatives to the use of a trust.

How to transfer property into and out of a living trust, and the simple forms you need to effect most transfers.

How trusts work, and when people may benefit from creating a trust as part of their estate plans.

Why it's usually a bad idea to secretly record your ex- in the hope of gaining an advantage in custody litigation.

Factors to consider when creating a joint parenting time schedule, and how to make joint physical custody work for the long-term.

How parents can more effectively communicate about their children, particularly in high conflict situations.

How cooperative co-parenting and communication can help parents create custody schedules and consistency that will help their children.

How parents who have restricted access to their children can develop and maintain relationships for the long term.

What to do when the other parent is inconsistent or doesn't show up for child visitation.

Issues in child custody negotiations and litigation involving adolescent children and older teens.

Factors that may affect a child's custodial preference, and how that preference may be treated in court.

What a tenant should do after finding mold in a rental unit.

How a child custody evaluation is performed, who performs the evaluation, what happens during the evaluation, and what information is returned to the court.

Tips to help parents prepare for a court-ordered child custody evaluation.

It's difficult for children when their parents' relationships end, but you can make it easier for them. Here are some tips for divorced and separated parents.

Tips for people who are considering investing in a franchise, and for choosing between franchise opportunities.

Factors to consider before expanding your business directly or through franchising, and how to determine when your business is ready for expansion.

Why aviation accidents occur and how safety may be improved in the charter flight industry.

Laws and legal proceedings affecting family relationships, including domestic partnerships, marriage, separation, divorce and child custody.

How to protect your legal rights and recover compensation after a brain injury, damages recoverable in brain injury cases, and when you should seek help from an injury lawyer.

What is meant by a defendant's having the right to a speedy trial.

What is a pardon, and how do you seek executive clemency following a criminal conviction, whether in the form of pardon or executive clemency.

How automobile event data recorder (EDR) data has been used in court, and how data from such an "automobile black box" may potentially be misleading.

What is an automobile event data recorder (EDR), or black box, and how does it work.

Information about potentially dangerous auto accessories and modifications, installed by dealers or post-market.

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