State Law

What is the purpose of a deposition, what happens during a deposition, and what to expect if you're being deposed.

What are issue preclusion (collateral estoppel) and claim preclusion (res judicata), and how do they operate to prevent litigation and re-litigation of claims.

What constitutes malpractice, or professional negligence, and when can a professional be held liable for mistakes that injury a client or patient.

How to look for and find an expert for a subject of law or area of legal practice.

How does a young driver qualify for a full driver's license, and what are the consequences of violating the restrictions for a learner's permit or intermediate driver's license.

What is false imprisonment, or unlawful detention, and what are a person's rights and remedies if they are unlawfully detained or imprisoned by another person or by the government.

How does entrapment work as a defense to criminal charges, and what are the elements of the entrapment defense.

What is a postnuptial agreement, who should consider having one, and how do they work.

Why you should have a written fee agreement with your lawyer, how retainers work, how lawyer fees are calculated, and what you should expect from your fee contract.

When is a bar, tavern, restaurant or liquor store liable for serving alcohol to a customer who later causes injuries to others in a drunk driving accident.

What is social host liability for the service of alcohol to guests at a private residence, and what are the possible legal consequences of serving alcohol to minors or intoxicated guests.

What are the crimes of sexual assault and rape, and what happens in a criminal prosecution for a sexual assault case.

Today’s leading personal injury attorneys are experts in utilizing demonstrative evidence; plaintiffs should ask potential lawyers about how they plan to incorporate such evidence to win their...

What happens in a will contest, who can contest a will, and how can you prevent your will from being contested.

Common mistakes people make in their premarital agreements, and how to avoid them.

What legal remedies are available to people who have been injured through exposure to dangerous or toxic chemicals and pharmaceuticals, and what is a toxic tort.

When a person is injured in a slip or trip and fall accident, who is liable for their injuries, how is fault proved, and what damages can be recovered.

The issues and equities involved in using goodwill to determine the value of a marital business, while also assessing spousal support based on the same earnings.

Why evidence of bite mark matching should be viewed skeptically, and can be highly misleading and unreliable.

Information about the courtroom use of forensic computer animation, whether as an exhibit or demonstative aid, or as a reconstruction of an event or as opinion evidence.

What are junk bonds, and what are the risks and benefits of investment.

Common hazards present in residential stairways, platforms and ramps that contribute to falls.

Tips on how to hire and utilize a private investigator.

How lawyers can avoid or reduce the cost incurring the cost of retaining an expert that they do not anticpate will testify, without having that expert's testimony later excluded by a court.

What is probate, and what does it mean to probate a will.

What is a non-compete agreement, when can you be required to sign a non-compete agreement, and will the agreement be enforceable in court.

How do wrongful death claims work, and how do family members recover damages following the wrongful death of a close relative.

What are the basic differences between jails, the local facilities that hold people who are awaiting trial or sentenced to shorter terms of incarceration, and prisons, the facilities that hold...

What are your rights if you accept an offer of employment and later discover that the job title, duties or salary have been changed.

How do pre-prosecution diversion programs work, what are the benefits of diversion, and who qualifies for pretrial diversion.