Federal Law

Information about who qualifies for the DV green card lottery for U.S. permanent residence, and how the lottery works.

What are the most common work-related visas for the United States and who is eligible to receive a visa that permits employment.

Information about naturalization as a United States citizen, and how people can gain U.S. citizenship.

How copyrights work, and the significance of copyright protection.

What happens during the trial of a criminal case, including a bench or jury trial, from jury selection and instruction through openings, presentation of evidence, closings and verdict.

How are criminal charges filed and what happens during a criminal prosecution.

How to get the most out of your relationship with your criminal defense lawyer, and how to avoid and resolve problems that may arise during your criminal case.

What are your Miranda rights, when do the police have to read you your Miranda rights, and what happens if they don't read you your rights.

How to find a qualified federal criminal defense attorney and work effectively with your attorney during a federal criminal prosecution.

Describing the rights that are afforded to crime victims.

Federal constitutional provisions that protect the most important rights of suspects and criminal defendants during the investigation and prosecution of crimes.

How the government prosecutes and seizes property under criminal or civil forfeiture laws, and your rights when facing an asset forfeiture proceeding.

How the criminal appellate process works.

What happens in more serious criminal cases in which a defendant is sentenced to prison or parole.

Following a defendant's conviction, what happens at the sentencing hearing for less serious criminal charges.

How charge and sentence bargaining work in criminal prosecutions, when plea bargains are available, and the role of plea bargaining in the criminal justice system.

How a criminal prosecution begins and what happens during later court proceedings.

White collar crimes include nonviolent financial crimes committed by business professionals and government employees, can carry significant financial penalties and may result in criminal...

How criminal charges are determined and the classification of crimes.

What is bankruptcy, what are the most common forms of bankruptcy proceeding, and what happens to a person after they file for bankruptcy protection.

Information about the diagnosis and treatment of PTSD.

When to choose an independent psychiatric expert witness over the testimony of a treating psychiatrist.

Information about the association between exposure to wood preservatives and multiple sclerosis.