Federal Law

How to build business networks for expert witness services through referrals.

Suggestions for lawyers who need to find and use expert witnesses, or who are preparing to cross-examine an opposing party's expert.

Creating a contract for consulting services through a less formal agreement than a standard contract.

Tips for experts who wish to provide the best possible results for client law firms, from establishing credibility through giving effective testimony.

A formal contract for litigation consultants, which can be modified to suit your needs.

What are damages in a civil lawsuit, and how are they calculated.

Why it isn't easy to get actual, free online legal advice.

What is a writ of habeas corpus, and how to petition a court for habeas corpus relief.

Explaining the nature, purpose and use of various types of letters of credit.

When to incorporate your business as an S Corporation and its advantages and disadvantages as compared to other business entites.

What are Social Security Disability Benefits, and how do you get them?

How to appeal a denial of Social Security disability benefits, and what happens during reconsideration or at an administrative hearing.

What is constitutes securities fraud, and common examples of fraudulent activity.

Common acts of fraud and misconduct by investment professionals.

An introduction to securities arbitration.

An overview of securities law and regulation, including federal, state and private regulation.

Information about workplace injury resulting from exposure to manganese, including manganese poisoning from welding rods.

Information about silicosis resulting from inhalation of silica dust, and related workers compensation claims and injury litigation.

Introducing the law by which the government can appropriate private property.

Tips to protect yourself from fraudulent investment schemes, whether encountered online, through a telemarketer, or through some other misleading promotion.

Introducing the legal and illegal use of smart cards and smart card readers.

The consequences of using an illegal cable descrambler, including possible penalties for possession or use of an illegal descrambler.

Describing family law, divorce, and child custody issues under Islamic law (Shari'a).

Information about asbestos exposure, disease, and the legal rights of people who have been exposed to or injured as the result of exposure to asbestos.

Legal protections against wrongful termination available to at-will employees.

Legal protections against workplace sexual harassment, and the legal rights and remedies of workers who have been sexually harassed.

What protections do employees have against sex and gender discrimination in the workplace, and what can they do if they experience sex discrimination?

Detailing the fair use defense to accusations of copyright infringement.

When does the Americans with Disabilities Act apply to an employment relationship, and what employee rights and employer duties arise from the Americans With Disabilities Act.

Defining age discrimination and describing legal protections for older workers.