Federal Law

Information about potentially dangerous auto accessories and modifications, installed by dealers or post-market.

Attorneys and law firms should not plagiarize content for their websites, and should verify that their website designers are actually producing original content.

What is discovery, what forms of discovery are available, and how to conduct discovery to obtain information from an opposing party.

Legal protections under the Equal Credit Opportunity Act, that restrict creditors from requiring that a spouse become a joint borrower or guaranty the other spouse's loan or line of credit.

Common ways that businesses violate the FCRA when reporting their customers' debts.

When a debtor declares bankruptcy you must stop all collection activity, but is the debtor being honest with you? How to verify that a bankruptcy case is actually filed and pending.

How to demand validation of a debt after you are contacted by a debt collector, under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

The rights of consumers contacted by debt collectors about money that they are alleged to owe, and remedies available when debt collectors violate the law.

What are common problems that arise during legal representation, and what can a client do to resolve concerns or a dispute with a lawyer.

How to determine if a lawyer you consult is the right one for your case, and how to negotiate a fee agreement.

With U.S. paper money imprinted with the declaration, "this note is legal tender for all debts, public and private", when can a business or government office refuse to accept cash payments.

Explaining felony criminal offenses, the consequences of conviction, and how felonies differ from misdemeanor offenses.

Defining misdemeanor criminal charges and their consequences, and what is meant by a misdemeanor class or level.

Find out what is involved in performing effective legal research.

Online legal dictionaries and glossaries, which can be crucial to effective legal research and accurate legal writing.

Sources of important, free legal forms for courts and government agencies.

Did you receive a phone call telling you that the IRS has obtained a warrant for your arrest? Don't send any money.

How trademark and copyright law protect song lyrics and titles, and how to safely reference or quote songs and lyrics.

Does the Americans with Disabilities Act protect against employment discrimination based on color-blindness.

What it means for a court to enter a ruling that disposes of a case, and the importance of the date of disposition.

Explaining the crimes of petty larceny (petty theft) and grand larceny (grand theft) and what to do if you're charged.

The process of posting bail or a bond after an arrest, how bail is set and paid, and what happens if you fail to appear in court after being released on bail.

What to do if you find out that a bench warrant has been issued for your arrest.

Laws that reduce or eliminate statutory rape penalties for young people who are close in age.

How the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) protects your health information from disclosure.

How to divide tax exemptions for dependents in a manner recognized by the IRS.

How the law protects active duty servicemembers, and those under call to active service, from civil litigation during those time periods.

Personal factors to consider when deciding whether to start an independent law practice.

What should a lawyer do when a client complaint about fees, service quality, or professional conduct?

What factors should you consider before starting an independent law practice?