Estates, Wills, Trusts

What happens in a will contest, who can contest a will, and how can you prevent your will from being contested.

What is probate, and what does it mean to probate a will, and what happens during a will contest in probate court.

How to create a trust for the future care of your pets, how to avoid possible problems during the administration of your pet care trust and alternatives to the use of a trust.

How to transfer property into and out of a living trust, and the simple forms you need to effect most transfers.

How trusts work, and when people may benefit from creating a trust as part of their estate plans.

What are the signs of a loss of mental competence, such that a person may need a guardian, conservator or other legal protections.

The benefits of transferring assets to adult children through a trust.

The advantages of giving to charity through a charitable remainder trust.

How heirs can benefit from the use of an IRA inheritor's trust.

Describing the importance of diversification in investment planning.

What is a conservator, and how do you petition for a legal conservatorship.

What is a guardian, and how do you petition a court for legal guardianship.

What are the benefits of having a will, and what a legal will can do for your estate.

Free examples of a limited power of attorney form.

Free sample medical power of attorney (healthcare proxy) form that becomes effective upon the disability or incapacity of the person who executes the form.

Free sample durable power of attorney form.

Explaining the benefits of having a power of attorney and when you should execute a power of attorney, along with free sample forms.

What is involved in planning and administering an estate.