Consumer Protection

How online survey offers for free merchandise are often designed to cheat consumers.

Why it isn't easy to get actual, free online legal advice.

Important issues to pin down when seeking a lawsuit loan or pre-settlement advance, including how lawsuit funding works and pitfalls to avoid.

Tips for maximizing the benefits of a home equity loan or line of credit.

How to get the maximum benefit when you refinance your home.

Suggestions for finding and working effectively with a credit counseling service, and your legal rights when dealing with an unscrupulous service.

What you should consider before selling your structured settlement, and how to protect yourself during the sale.

Tips for finding and working with a credit counseling service, and how to avoid unethical credit counselors who may create more problems than they solve.

How to find and work with a reliable debt management service.

How to figure out if you would benefit from debt consolidation, and finding a good loan.

Tips for finding and working with mortgage brokers.

Suggestions for getting the best mortgage terms and interest rate.

Practical tips for getting out of debt while avoiding bankruptcy, and where to get help with your debts and budgeting needs.

Detecting and protecting yourself against vacation fraud and supposedly free travel offers that in fact come at a high price.

Common problems that arise when renting vacation properties from their owner, and how to avoid them.

How to determine if the offer you received for a cheap or free cruise is legitimate, and how to protect yourself from travel scams.

Common acts of fraud and misconduct by investment professionals.

An overview of securities law and regulation, including federal, state and private regulation.

An introduction to securities arbitration.

Tips for protecting your identity and keeping your financial information secure.

What to do if you discover that your identity has been stolen and that somebody may be using your credit or opening accounts using your personal information.

What is constitutes securities fraud, and common examples of fraudulent activity.

Tips to protect yourself from fraudulent investment schemes, whether encountered online, through a telemarketer, or through some other misleading promotion.

Describing identity theft, how identity thieves operate, and how identity theft can affect an individual or business.

Avoiding being cheated by false promises of inheritance.

What is a lawsuit loan, when is a lawsuit loan available, and when is it an appropriate option for a plaintiff in a personal injury case.

Recognizing and avoiding advance fee fraud emails and letters, and why you should not contact somebody who is trying to run a scam on you.

Common types of fraud perpetrated by email spammers.

Tips for finding and using free legal forms.

Information for those who are considering buying or selling insurance plans for legal services.