Consumer Protection

Why you should have a written fee agreement with your lawyer, how retainers work, how lawyer fees are calculated, and what you should expect from your fee contract.

What are junk bonds, and what are the risks and benefits of investment.

Tips for Texans seeking home equity loans.

Why you should say "no" when asked to cosign for a loan or lease.

What does it mean if somebody claims to be judgment-proof, or states that it's not worth pursuing a claim against somebody because they're judgment-proof?

Common mistakes made by used car sellers that can create financial and legal nightmares.

Common mistakes that people make when purchasing a used car, and how to avoid them.

Describing NHTSA standards for automobile black boxes in newer vehicles, and issues that have yet to be addressed by regulation.

What is an automobile event data recorder (EDR), or black box, and how does it work.

Information about potentially dangerous auto accessories and modifications, installed by dealers or post-market.

Is the recipient of a check prevented from collecting additional funds after accepting and depositing a check that is marked as payment in full.

Legal limits on interest rates, and the consequences of charging excessive interest.

Legal protections under the Equal Credit Opportunity Act, that restrict creditors from requiring that a spouse become a joint borrower or guaranty the other spouse's loan or line of credit.

Common ways that businesses violate the FCRA when reporting their customers' debts.

How to demand validation of a debt after you are contacted by a debt collector, under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

The rights of consumers contacted by debt collectors about money that they are alleged to owe.

What are common problems that arise during legal representation, and what can a client do to resolve concerns or a dispute with a lawyer.

With U.S. paper money imprinted with the declaration, "this note is legal tender for all debts, public and private", when can a business or government office refuse to accept cash payments.

You've seen the ads, infomercials, and maybe even some reality shows that make it look like it's fast and easy to make a fortune in real estate -- but odds are the only person getting rich is the...

Common forms of securities fraud committed online or by email.

Why governments regulate the online sale of prescriptions due to issues of consumer safety, counterfeiting, and industry lobbying.

Describing the circumstances in which investors should and should not consider variable annuities.

How people are being cheated by international money order scams.

Learn about lawsuit funding, and protect your injury settlement.

When should the beneficiary of a structured settlement consider selling the settlement, and What are the costs and benefits of sale.

How structured settlements work, how obtain a structured settlement, and the pros and cons of structuring a settlements.

How to obtain funds for the costs of litigation, and for your personal needs and medical care while your claim is pending.

Invitations to become a product tester in exchange for free merchandise are often scams.

How online survey offers for free merchandise are often designed to cheat consumers.

Important issues to pin down when seeking a lawsuit loan or pre-settlement advance.