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Employment and Labor: Lawyer Directory

Providing a wide range of services to clients with family, employment, injury and criminal defense issues. Based in Atlanta, Georgia.
Focusing on education and employment law matters, from offices in Jackson, Tennessee.
Represented clients who have been treated unfairly at work, from offices in San Francisco, California.
Los Angeles, California attorney focusing on injury cases, employment disputes and consumer class actions.
Focusing on personal injury, premises liability and product liability litigation from offices in Newport Beach, California. 96% success rate.
Representing federal employees for issues with hiring, firing, discrimination and disciplinary practices, from offices in Decatur, Georgia.
Fort Lauderdale, Florida trial attorney who focuses his practice on personal injury cases and employment discrimination.
Focusing on employment law and sexual harassment claims from offices in Los Angeles, California.
Columbia, Maryland attorney focusing on employment law, estate planning and business law matters.
New York City attorney focusing on compensation claims brought by maritime workers, longshoremen and railroad workers and for construction injuries.