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Drunk Driving Defense: Lawyer Directory

Criminal defense services for misdemeanor and felony charges, local government law, and business and estate planning, from offices in Akron.
Providing representation for traffic offenses, impaired driving charges, and criminal defense, from offices in New York City.
Focusing on criminal and drunk driving defense, and traffic court matters, from offices in Denver, Colorado
Providing services for criminal and drunk driving defense, and for family law matters, from offices in Tampa, Florida.
Services for criminal defense and OVI/DUI cases, from offices in Cincinnati, Ohio.
Criminal and drunk driving defense attorney based in Warren, Rhode Island.
Providing representation for crimes, including misdemeanors, felonies and vehicular offenses, from offices in Phoenix, Arizona.
Focusing on DUI defense while also representing clients in other areas of criminal defense law, from offices in Manassas, Virginia.
Providing representation for criminal and drunk driving defense, from offices in Sarasota, Florida.
Representing clients charged with criminal offenses and traffic crimes, from offices in Las Vegas, Nevada.