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Criminal Defense: Lawyer Directory

Services for criminal defense, real estate, immigration, securities and civil litigation. Based in Dayton, Ohio.
Services for civil litigation, criminal defense, family law, hunting, fishing and wildlife law, and military justice. Denver, Colorado.
Criminal defense services in both state and federal court. Based in West Palm Beach, Florida.
Focusing on criminal and drunk driving defense and personal injury cases, from offices in Phoenix, Arizona.
Felony and misdemeanor criminal defense services from offices in Los Angeles, California.
Emphasizing the defense of drunk and impaired driving cases from offices in Laguna Hills, California.
Services for personal injury and criminal defense. Based in Los Angeles, California.
Services for family law matters, including divorce and child custody, juvenile court and criminal defense matters. Tucson, Arizona.
Services for criminal and drunk driving defense. Based in Dallas, Texas.
Fort Lauderdale criminal defense attorney, representing individuals charged with all misdemeanors and felonies.