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Consumer Protection: Lawyer Directory

Focusing primarily on family law matters, and also handling civil matters dealing with tort and consumer protection. Based on Fond du Lac, Wisconsin.
Services for personal injury, workers' compensation, insurance claim disputes, estate planning and consumer law, from offices in Anaconda, Montana.
Representing clients injured by defective products, and for personal injury, product liability and insurance claims. San Francisco, California.
Personal injury and product liability attorney, based in San Antonio, Texas.
Houston, Texas attorney representing clients injured in accidents and by defective products, and helping with insurance claim disputes.
Focusing on personal injury, medical malpractice and insurance claims disputes, from offices in Cincinnati, Ohio.
Representing clients in medical malpractice, personal injury, defective product and premises liability cases, and consumer class actions.
Providing statewide assistance with insurance claims and representation for bad faith denials of claims from offices in Metairie, Louisiana.
Focusing on personal injury litigation from offices in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.
Offering representation for family law, criminal defense, and lemon law claims, from offices in Alpharetta, Georgia.