Civil Litigation: Lawyer Directory

Services for criminal and drunk driving defense, personal injury, business matters, estates and traffic court, from offices in Latham, New York.
Services for business matters, commercial disputes and litigation, personal injury, and insurance bad faith, from offices in Houston, Texas.
Representation of healthcare providers and businesses, as well as personal and business bankruptcy and personal injury cases. Coral Gables, Florida.
Providing representation for the defense of professional licenses, as well as for civil and criminal appeals, from offices in Carmichael, California.
Services for personal injury, medical malpractice, family law, criminal defense and civil litigation, from offices in West Chester, Pennsylvania.
Representing clients for personal injury, land valuation disputes, business disputes, personal injury, and construction claims.
Services for business law and litigation, criminal defense and family law, from offices in Cape Coral, Florida.
Providing a broad range of legal services for estate planning, consumer law and personal injury matters. Based in Atlanta, Georgia.
Providing mediation services for civil litigation, employment disputes, personal injury and malpractice cases, from offices in San Antonio, Texas.
Offering services for insurance defense, personal injury, civil rights, business, construction, and criminal defense, from offices in Boston, Maine.