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Lawyers who provide representation for procedures and hearings involving government regulations and regulatory agencies.

Lawyers who handle legal issues relating to animals, including companion animals, working animals, wildlife and livestock.

Lawyers who represent clients who are dealing with debt issues or are involved in bankruptcy cases, including credit and debt collection.

Lawyers who assist with the creation and management of businesses, and legal issues that arise during the course of business operations.

Lawyers who represent clients who are involved in civil lawsuits and appeal, or are likely to file or become the target of a lawsuit.

Lawyers who represent clients whose civil rights have been infringed by the actions of a government agency or representative, or through other unlawful acts or discrimination.

Lawyers who represent clients that are involved in debt collection activities or proceedings.

Lawyers who address legal issues affecting consumers who have been affected by fraud or unfair business practices, including individual actions and class actions.

Lawyers who represent clients who have been charged with crimes, including representation before and at trial and on appeal, and in parole and probation proceedings.

Lawyers who advocate for the disabled, including right of access, employment, and Social Security disability claims.

Lawyers who represent clients who have been arrested for or charged with impaired driving offenses.

Lawyers who provide representation relating to the employment relationship, including employment discrimination and wrongful termination.

Lawyers who provide representation to the entertainment and sports industries, including contracts and media law issues.

Lawyers who handle legal matters involving the natural environment, including issues involving natural resources, soil and groundwater contamination and pollution.

Lawyers who assist clients with the preparation of estate plans and issues of heirship, including wills and trusts, and with the management of estates in probate and administration of trusts.

Lawyers who represent clients involved in family law proceedings, including divorce and child custody litigation, division of marital assets, and enforcement of divorce judgments.

Lawyer who offer legal services relating government agencies and their operations, including legal and constitutional issues and regulatory procedures.

Lawyers who handle legal and regulatory issues relating to the health care industry, including regulations and compliance, operations, transactional issues and contracts, and the provision of healthcare services.

Lawyers who handle issues relating to immigration and naturalization, including visas, permanent residency and naturalization, and removal and reentry processes.

Lawyers who handle issues involving insurance policies and coverage, including reguations and claim and coverage disputes.

Lawyers who handle issues relating to inventions and creative works, including copyright, patents, tradmarks, service marks, trade secrets and trade dress.

Lawyers who provide services relating to the law of nations, or to laws and regulations governing the internatinal operation of businesses and organizations.

Lawyers who handle proceedings that affect minors, particularly in juvenle court proceedings, including juvenile justice and delinquency matters.

Lawyers who represent clients who are involved in disputes or litigation over the alleged negligence or breach of duty by an attorney to a client.

Lawyers who provide representation in cases where an alleged negligent act or omission by a healthcare provider causes injury to a patient.

Lawyers who represent clients who have been injured by the wrongful acts of others, including through accidents and intentional acts such as battery or defamation.

Lawyers who represent clients who have suffered a loss or injury due to a defective product, including machinery, consumer goods, medical devices and medications.

Lawyers who assist clients with real estate development and transactions, including zoning and land use issues and the purchase and sale of real property.


Lawyers who represent clients who require assistance with tax issues, including local, state and federal taxes, audits, and collections.

Lawyers who provide representation for claims arising from on-the-job injuries that fall under state workers' compensation laws.