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    Default Fraudulent Enlistment

    Signed re-enlistment papers on a Saturday in December of 2006. The following Monday morning I contacted the commander and asked that the contract not be executed as I had changed my mind about staying in and because it did not officially take affect until August of 2007. This was denied by the company clerk because he stated that the paperwork had already been "sent in". That is not the meat of my question however. I am a military police officer which requires me to maintain a secret clearance. In august of 2005 my clearance was revoked for financial reasons, which of course were caused by being deployed for fifteen months, but was never informed of this until October of 2007. Not being eligible to be an MP withoout the clearance I was not given my signing bonus for the re-enlistment. Then I asked to be released since the Army know about the clearance issue before the papers were signed but i did not and therefore coul dnot recieve the bonus money which is basically why I signed them. My reading of the "fradulent Enlistment" section tells me that it goes both ways. What grounds do I have to just stop going to drills? The company is very aware of this problem and is supposedly working on a resolution but we have changed 1st sergeants and commanders three times since then and I am becoming more and more dis-satisfied with the company and national guard in general.

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    You're stating that you re-enlisted in October of 2007, were quite obviously aware shortly after that date that you did not get your signing bonus, and now, two-and-a-half years later are trying to see if you can accuse the Army of fraud to justify going AWOL? I don't see that you have any grounds for going AWOL. If you believe you have a legal course of action to get out of your re-enlistment, you need to go through proper channels - administrative and, if necessary, litigation.

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