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    My question involves name change laws in the State of: Ga. I was married at an early age, seperated from husband when child was 7, five years later had a child with another man. no father name on bc. but child has husbands name. have been with childs father for 18 years now. son would like to have his fathers name. what can I do?

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    You say you're separated from your husband. Did you ever divorce him?

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    no, when I tried he refused to complete the process. since we had a minor child we were required to complete a course on divorced parents with minor children counseling. only catch both parents had to attend and he refused to do anything. after trying several times. I gave up. I wasn't planning on remarring anyway. finances was low anyway for a single mom and forced child support which barely trickled in. as the years passed it didn't matter anymore. but now my youngest want's his fathers' last name.

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