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    Default Denied Unemployment After Missing Work Due to Illness

    I was let go from my job back in December because I called out of work two days in a row because I had a horrible stomach virus. It sucked to be fired, but no big deal as I had some savings to live off of. I was pregnant at the time and applied for Medicaid so that I had insurance for my pregnancy. I ended up not being able to find work before starting to show and then it was pretty much impossible to get a job anywhere. I applied for food stamps in April because I needed a little extra help to make sure my savings could last. I figured I have paid into it all these years, I might as well be able to feel myself, fiance, and our son. Well they had me file for unemployment for some reason and I was denied (not surprised).

    What I am wondering is this: After getting a million and one letters stating I was denied unemployment, I got something in the mail having me claim benefits for the last few weeks (from when I originally applied). It says right on the paper that "failure to claim weeks on the date shown at the top of this page will delay your benefits." When I went to the website, what they were having me do seemed like I was approved?! I am sooo confused. I used to file online for someone else every week (he did not have internet and it was easier than him doing it on the phone) and what I was filling out for myself today was EXACTLY what I used to do for him and he'd get his check a few days later.

    Anyone have any idea of what is going on? I'd call but they are obviously closed since it's almost 7pm here in FL.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: Unemployment: Denied But

    Makes no sense to me either. You're just going to have to start calling them first thing in the morning and keep trying until you can talk to somebody. Sounds like just clerical mistake to me.

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