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    Default Failure to Change Address on Driver's License

    On the last week of April I was pulled over for having expired tags (my birthday was April 12th). I told the officer that I honestly believed that I had until the end of the month of April to get them taken care of and was going to get new ones on the 30th, when I got paid. He informed me that I was incorrect, but did not ticket me for having expired tags.

    What I did get a ticket for was having the incorrect address on my driverís license. I lived at different address for about a year and when I got my DL renewed last year, I got the new address on there. I moved back in with my parents and didnít even think anything of it, because I honestly did not remember that I had gotten it changed. When he asked if the address on my DL was correct I told him yes, but when he read it back to me I realized that no it in fact wasnít and gave him my right address. I had no idea that having the wrong address on my DL was considered a crime, but either way I wasnít going to lie to him. I told him that I moved around a year ago, maybe. So he gives me my ticket and instead of giving me any fees he assigns me a court date. I went the same day that I received the ticket and got my tags renewed and my address changed on my DL and registration. In Florida having the wrong address on your DL is considered a second degree misdemeanor. Iím just wondering what Iím going to end up getting when I go to court? Iíve never been in any kind of trouble with the law before and have only ever had one traffic ticket when I was seventeen. I know that Iíll have to pay court fees, etc. But Iím just wondering if thereís anything else Iíll end up having done Ė suspended DL or anything of that nature.

    Thank you!

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    Default Re: Failure to Change Address on Dl in Florida

    In all liklihood, you'll have costs and fees and that'll be the end of it - IF you've got everything in order, with correct addresses, valid registration, proof of insurance, when you show up to court.

    In Florida your tag expires on your birthday - so you DON'T have until the end of the month, only until midnight on the day of your birthday.

    For driver licenses, you have 10 days to change addresses, and you can easily do this online - you don't even have to go down to the office - you just change the info, they'll use the same picture, and mail you a corrected one.

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    Default Re: Failure to Change Address on Dl in Florida

    I went that same day and got everything straightend out. My correct addres is now on my DL and registration. So I'll make sure to bring everything with me when I go to court on Monday. Thank you!

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