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    Default F1 COS Approved, Need Stamping for Travel

    Hi, i have been approved for F1 status through Change of Status with US. I haven't yet taken any classes because they start in fall. I really want to visit my homeland and i'm aware that it requires visa stamping again. Do you think it will be a problem? because i have already received Change of Status to F1 within US, so i was thinking it should not be a big issue. I know there is always a risk involved but as long as it is a 25% risk n 75% chance of getting the stamp I'm willing to take the risk. I want to travel to India, but i was thinking to get visa stamping done from US counsulate in Canada and then travel to India. Please, help...

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    Default Re: F1 Cos Approved, Need Stamping for Travel

    If you have never had F-1 stamping, you should appear in your home country. Canadian consulates were not doing COS stampings recently.

    If you papers are valid, you should not fear stamping at any consulate. Only if you have questionable documents that are likely to be detected in your home country should you fear appearing there. The rules are the same everywhere.

    Stamping is never guaranteed just as entry with a valid stamping is not guaranteed.

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    Default Re: F1 COS Approved, Need Stamping for Travel


    We're in same situation, so I'm kind of curious if you got your visa stamped. Can you please post your experience.


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