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    Angry Motercycle Confiscated by Lapd

    My question involves personal property located in the State of: California
    I did a Custom paint job on a Harley Davidson. It soon became apparent that the owner could not pay his bill and after several months could no longer be located. I proceeded to have a Lien Sale, following every stipulation of Civil Code 3072. This took 3 months. With there being no qualified bidder, I completed the Certification of Lien Sale, showing myself as both buyer and seller and went to the DMV and registered it. I began to restore the bike. (When it was dropped off, it didn't run and was literally in pieces with most missing). I have invested a lot of time and money.
    Then, out of the blue, two plain clothed detectives came to my home. They said that the bike had been stolen,,,7 YEARS AGO,,,and now belonged to the Ins. Co! I explained the circumstances of my acquiring the bike and attempted to show them my registration and receipts. They glanced at them and told me to meet them on Monday at the Tow Co's Impound lot. I asked for the name of the Ins, Co., hoping to negotiate and they said they would talk to them for me. They then left with my bike. On Mon. I was told the Ins. Co. was not interested in taiking with me, but would take off all the parts I had receipts for and return them. This would leave the bike inoperable. Its been two weeks, I havn't heard a thing, it is still impounded in MY NAME!!
    What recourse do I have and how should I proceed????

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    Default Re: Motercycle Confiscated by Lapd

    did you contact the storage yard with receipts in hand so you could remove your parts? Did you contact the police and ask when you could recover your parts?

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    Unhappy Re: Motercycle Confiscated by Lapd

    Thank you for your concideration. When I met with the detective that Monday, almost 2 weeks ago, he was in total control. At no time did I speak to or meet any employee from the Tow Co. The det. said that the Tow Co., whom I assume will be provided with a list, would be the ones to disassemble the bike, and that when that was done, he, the det. would contact me. He said around 2 weeks.
    Why, do you think the DMV allowed me to register this stolen bike? AND took my money, over $400.00.
    Is there any Statue of Limatations regarding the Ins. Co's. claim of ownership? It has been well over 7 yrs.
    Do I, as being one with a verifiable equity position, have any rights, such as maybe 1st. right of refusel??
    One would think that the Ins. Co.s objective would be to get rid of the bike,
    perhaps at auction. It will be alot harder when the bike is not running and in pieces. This makes no sense!
    What also has me concerned is that, to the best of my knowledge, I am still the registered owner, and therefore legally responsable for the exorbitant amount of monies that will be owed to the Tow Co. I just don't feel right about the way this is being handled and quite honestly, I don't trust either party. Its all so surreal. Do you have any imput or suggestions? I really want my bike back as I have put my sweat and now tears into it and although I am not a rich man, I would greatly appreciate the chance to see if there is any way I can get back, what I feel, is rightfully mine.

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