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    Default Marijuana Possession Charge - Guilty by Association

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Ohio

    I was fishing with some friends and we were questioned about "passing something" that the ranger suspected was marijuana. I'm not sure how far away he was when he saw the suspicious activity, but I don't think he was nearby or you think he would have just approached us right then. We moved to a different fishing spot, maybe 25 mins after getting no bites. The rangers then approached us.

    The ranger seperated me and the group of people I was fishing next to and asked what I was passing. I said I had no clue what he saw, or what he thought he saw... he asked if it was marijuana and I said "no sir". He was very persistent and asked several times what I was passing and I said I didn't know, a cigarette maybe. All of us smoke cigs. Hell, it could have been a minnow, a waxworm, a lure, a bobber etc. All of these things I passed to someone in the group.

    They searched me and my tackle box and they didn't find anything in my possesion, but did find a small amount in the possesion of one of the people I was supposedly "passing something to". All of the others involved in this pleaded guilty or no contest after the ranger assured them that it was no worse than getting a speeding ticket. They also admitted to smoking when they were asked. As it turned out one in the other group questioned ended up getting a fine of $400 or something and a ridiculous 6 month license suspension.

    I can't afford a lawyer, and will not be appointed legal defense for such a minor charge.

    Anyone have any advice?


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    Default Re: Marijuana Possesion Charge - Guilty by Association?

    I doubt you're going to have much luck taking the case to trial without a lawyer, but it's your right to try.

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    Default Re: Marijuana Possesion Charge - Guilty by Association

    Further, the smell of weed is strong, pungent and very distinguishable from other types of smoke.

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