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    Default Background Check and Sealed Record

    My question involves a background check in the State of: New York

    I was arrested in March 2009 for a misdeameanor possession of marijuana charge when I was 23. Since this was my first arrest, I was told the charge would be dismissed if I stayed out of trouble for a year. The lawyer told me it wouldnt come up in any background checks since I wasnt convicted of anything.

    Since then I have had my arrest come up in 2 background checks. One for a tutoring position (which I understand since the work is with children) and it came up when I applied for a US Census job.

    I want to apply for a job in a hospital but I know that they do fingerprints there. I just received a copy of criminal history record and it says the record was sealed just recently on April 15, 2010 ( 1 year after the court date). I need to know if I go in for fingerprints or any background check really, if this charge will still appear. It's really important because my mom works for the hospital and she's helping me get the job!!! Thanx so much to anyone that can help me out with this!!!

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    Default Re: Background Check and Sealed Record

    You just told us that your record is now sealed. All we can do is take your word for that - we can't pull your record to see what's on it.

    It's possible that your record was entered into a private database during the period it was public (this sounds like a one year deferral), so even if it is now sealed nobody here can promise that it's impossible for it to show up in a background check.

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