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    Question First and Last Month's Rent

    My question involves landlord-tenant law in the State of: California

    Hi all,

    Long story short. When I moved into the room I'm currently renting a few months back, I paid a first month and last month payment. I did not pay a security deposit.

    I've been paying the landlord/roommate a few days early every month. I paid him for May's rent on April 23, but a few days later, decided I'd be moving out. On the 26th I told gave him my 30+ day notice and said I'd be out by May 31.

    I asked him to return the check that I gave him on the 23 but he already cashed it. I then asked him to write me a check back being that he should keep my last month's rent check in an escrow type account when I first gave it to him a few months back.

    How many days do I have to wait to get my money back?


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    Default Re: First and Last Month's Rent

    Read this guide, starting at page 49. It addresses both security deposits (starting at page 53) and advance payment of the last month's rent (starting at page 52).

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