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    Default Laid Off One Week Before My Announced Last Day - Can I Collect Unemployment

    On April 21 I told my employer I would not be able to work past April 30. On April 23rd, I got a phone call after work from them to let me know my project had ended. This is not exactly the truth as I know the project is ongoing and they laid off 5 of 12 working on the project (I am an hourly contract attorney with an agency, and "Your project has ended" is just their line whenever they don't need you anymore). I suspect I might have been selected for the layoff because I had told them I wouldn't be working past the following week, but I was surprised by their call. I wanted to work up until April 30 but they cut me before I got to that date. Can I claim unemployment benefits based on this scenario?

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    Default Re: Laid off 1 week before announced last day, can I claim unemployment benefits

    You can file. Whether you can collect for that week is unknown. Many if not most states have a one week waiting period, even if you are accepted for benefits.

    However, it can do no harm to file and see what your unnamed state says.

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