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    Default Possible gender, pregnancy, employment, or race discrimination

    I have been working for a company for about a year or so and during this time I got pregnant. While during my pregnancy these people did many messed up things. They did not provide me with appropriate security unifoms, they made me walk excessivlly when they new that I was having a difficult pregnancy because I was carrying so low and had blood pressure problems. Because of the excessive stress from walking I was forced to take my maternity leave a month early. They also would not provide me with parking near downtown after I informed them that a man was following me and bums were harrassing me for money which made me fear for my safety and my unborn child's safety. I also applied for a different position while I was there and they gave the job to a new person but they are supposed to hire within the company first. Before I left for maternity leave they had told me that I would have my same position, 6:00am to 2:00pm, when I returned. Apon my return monday they had moved me and changed my hours to 8:00am to 5:00 pm but I told them on monday I couldn't work this shift because I go to school from 5pm to 10pm and I have my son to take care of. Today on wednesday when I arrived I told them that I needed to leave at four so I could bring my son to daycare and make it to school on time. They ended up not calling me back, so I called to see what was going on. They told me my supervisor said no. I called back and told them I had to leave at four and a supervisor called and told me that if I left, my job would be terminated and he said he didn't care what I had to do and that it wasn't his problem. So I left at 4:00 and had one of the employee's for the company I work for watch the desk. She normally watches it for lunch break. I was very upset and crying because of the problems I have been through working for this company. What can I do?

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    Default Treated Badly By Employer

    You should consult with a plaintiff-side employment lawyer in your state, to see if you have a possible cause of action against your employer.

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    Default family leave act

    you can get some answers by getting a copy of the family leave act i got one at the local dept of labor office. im pretty sure you ll find what you need there. also try on line to read the fmla it should help you also

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    Thanks to both of you!!!

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