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    Default Unemployment Appeal After Voluntary Quitting to Take Other Job

    My question involves unemployment benefits for the state of: California

    I quit my employment for multiple reasons. I returned from maternity leave and my employer lower my possible hours to 30 per week. They kept the temp and tried to make me sign job descriptions that made me her assistant. They were very hostile to me. Before maternity leave, I was a valued employee who worked well with everyone. When I returned, I was being written up for little things like going over 6 hours, publicly yelled at and moved out of my desk. I started looking for another job and thought I found one. It paid less per hour but more per week since I would not be able to go over 30 hours with no chance of those hours being increased. It turns out this job was probably a scam. They won't return my calls anymore. They were sending me a package with my employment letter, etc in the mail. It never arrived.

    The very rude interviewer yelled at me for taking a lesser job in this terrible economy and said that I should have started a claim when my employer reduced my hours. I was baffled by this. I thought I did well by getting a job in this terrible market that paid anything close to my current salary. Plus, My claim was denied for quitting a job to take a job that was not significantly better.

    I am preparing an appeal. Should I include any of the hostile stuff, the lowering of my seniority etc? Or should I show the comparison of the two jobs? This is so disheartening. I am the sole support of my family and was just trying to support them while getting out of a bad situation at my old employer.

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    Default Re: Unemployment Appeal After Voluntary Quitting to Take Other Job

    I can't tell what you're trying to tell us about the new job. You quit your old job for the new job, got upset that it was only going to be thirty hours per week, and created such a fuss that they decided not to hire you? You told them that you weren't going to show up for only 30 hours a week? Or what?

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    Exclamation Re: Unemployment Appeal After Voluntary Quitting to Take Other Job

    I think the OP is asking why she does not qualify for UI. The interviewer was correct in their reasoning. You VOLUNTARILY quit a secure job. It is not the EDD's problem, or that of your original employer, that the job you left for turned out to be (what you thought) was a scam.

    IF you had made a claim when your original job went from 40 hours to 30 - EDD could have helped you out. IF your original employer would have fired you - EDD could have helped you out. Because things played out as they did, you are not eligible to receive unemployment benefits.

    Do you think your original employer started hassling you because you were pregnant?

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