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    Post What Are the Chances of Being Released After the First Court Hearing

    I know absolutely nothing about how the court system works so bear with me.

    A friend of mine was arrested today for delivery of 10-30 grams of marijuana in Illinois. Apparently her bail will cost 2,000 dollars to get her out and none of her friends will be able to do that. Her hearing is tomorrow afternoon, what are the chances she will be released after that? Or will her bail go down?

    Any help is appreciated!

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    Default Re: Friend in Jail for Delivery of Marijuana, the Chances of being Released After Hea

    I doubt it, but by now you know what happened. Care to follow up?

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    Default Re: What Are the Chances of Being Released After the First Court Hearing

    Being that it sounds like a felony, probably not. However, judges have their own way of handling each case. If she cannot afford bail, and has a fairly clean criminal history, she may get ROR.

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