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    Default Ambulance Debt in Michigan

    My question involves collection proceedings in the State of: Michigan

    In September 2002 an ambulance was called to my home for an emergency. They transferred me to a local hospital for care. I received a bill from a collection agency wanting payment on the bill for the emergency ambulance service. I have not made any payment arrangements with anyone on this debt nor have I agreed to anything about the debt. This is now 7.5 year old debt, what is the statue of limitations on a debt like this and would I still be responsible for paying this debt since it has been so long?
    At the time of service I had medical insurance but evidently I had a deductible so the insurance company did not pay the ambulance service since they said this had to go toward my deductible.
    Thanks for any information you can offer...

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    Default Re: Ambulance Debt in Michigan

    From what I can find

    thats at 6 years. Who is contacting you?

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