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    Angry Unfair Search and Seizure in a Vehicle

    ok here it goes i was driving home from a friends house and got pulled over when the officer approached my vehicle he asked me for my drivers liscense so i gave it to him he never asked me for proof of ins. or registration nor did he give me a reason for pulling me over however he then walked back to his car i suppose ran my name then walked backed to my vehicle as he approached my vehicle he asked me to you mind if i search your car i replied "yes" he then replied " oh and why is that " i then said " well i'm not trying to be a dick or anything but i was on probation for 3yrs. and was forced to give up all my rights and allowed you guys to harrass me any time you wanted and now that i have been off probation for 4 yrs i now have the right to say no so no" he then walked around my vehicle looking threw the windows with his flash light he then begin speaking to his fellow officers. He then returned to my window and said ok are you going to get out or am i going to have to drag you out, then suddenly he opened my door grabbed me by the arm at this time i said "hey, relax" and at that time i noticed his partner standing on the side of us pointing a taizer gun at me saying "no you relax pal" so as the officer pushed me up against the car he began sticking his hands in my pockets and pulling out all of my personal items and it was at this time he discovered a glass pipe and two baggies one had 1/2 a gram of meth and the other one had only residue he then placed me under arreste and impounded my vehicle I was charged with poss. of a controlled subs. poss. of paraphenelia and intent to sell. Now I feel as though my constitutional rights were violated! I would like to no what do you think I am out on bail and will going to my arrainment next week were I have decided to fight this case do you think i have a good case

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    Default Re: Illegal search and siezure

    What, if anything, did the officer see when looking through the windows of the car? What, if anything, does the officer claim to have seen in the police report from the incident? It sounds like they are going to use the "plain view exception" to the warrant requirement to justify the search.

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