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    Default Minor Car Accident - Lied About Driver

    My question involves a traffic accident in the State of: Michigan

    I have a question regarding a car accident in Michigan. My boyfriend was driving my car (registered to my parents and covered under their insurance) when we got into a car accident. My boyfriend was attempting to change lanes from the right lane to left, and hit a car that was driving in the left lane. As my boyfriend is not on my insurance, and I was scared, I told the police and my parents that I was driving the car. The other driver agreed to go along with this story and said she understood. When the police arrived, they issued me a ticket for improper left lane change - accident. The other driver and I exchanged information and we parted ways. Today, I received a call from the other driver and she informed me that her estimated repairs will cost over $2000, which my parents do not want me to pay. My question is, am I liable to pay for her damages? Also, because I lied about who was driving my car, can that further affect this situation?

    At the time of the accident, I informed the other driver that I would pay for damages if necessary; at this time I was not aware of Michigan's No Fault Law. I feel badly about this entire situation, and don't know what to tell the other driver/ her parents (she told me that they're handling all of this). I also don't want to get in further trouble for lying about who caused the accident. My father told me that we'll only have to pay if they take us to small claims court, and even then we'd only have to pay the deductible (he guesses this to be around $400). As far as I know, my boyfriend, the other driver, and me are the only ones who actually know that it was my boyfriend who as driving my car. Because I lied, does this change the situation at all? Could they possibly sue me for more money? I just don't know what to do in this situation and what to tell the other driver.

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    Default Re: Minor Car Accident - Lied About Driver

    problem was resolved, no need to comment on this post.
    as I live in Northern MI, I'm covered under the no fault law and turns out the other driver wasn't actually insured.

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