My question involves collection proceedings in the State of: Texas

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I wanted to ask a question in regards to what I should do (Very loosely of course) or if any one can refer me to a Consumer Lawyer that can help in the DFW Area.

I have read several stories around the web who have had this same senario as I am about to described. Please bear with me.

In Oct. of 2007 I was in a motorcycle wreck and an ambulance responded to the scene. I was careflight'd from the accident as the ambulance didn't want to take any risk (Wasn't that bad I was out of there about 5 hours later). I was awake and talking to them just fine the whole time. Well once it was all said and done it was the other persons fault and there insurance paid for everything (So I thought).

Well after I bought my house in August of 2008 I checked my credit and found a collections of 2430.00 which I was confused about as it stated medical and the only thing I could think of that would have been medical is the wreck in 07.

So I belong to a site called and they allow you to dispute the claim. So I disputed it (Nov 16 2009) as I have never seen this amount before and I had settled every one who sent me a bill from the wreck(and called me. I had insurance card in hand). one month goes by and no response on site or my mail. So on December 26 2009 I Disputed it again. Finally I gave up as I didn't hear any thing and this was bugging me. So I looked up the company name late Jan 2010. Finally I get to talk to some one and ask them what is this amount. The stated that it was from the ambulance service(Which before this date I didn't know who responded to my wreck just an ambulance service and careflight transported me from the accident). As always they stated I had to pay, I said I wanted an itemized list and I would verify it validity. SO Finally 2.5-3 weeks later a letter comes in with a xerox of the Ambulance service bill.

I was surprised I have never seen such a bill for one to just respond. 1 the bill stated I didn't have insurance when they clearly took it at the accident and two every one else I mean every one else got my insurance and I wasn't ashamed to give every one that card number. Either way they stated I never gave them insurance and never responded to letters (Which is a lie I still have 12 letter from care flight while insurance took care of them). Well so I saw it talked to few lawyer and they basically told me it is sad to see what happened but I was SOL. Which is horrible but what can I do. So I checked my Credit on Feb 6 2010 and the collections is gone. I wish I could tell you what happened I can only guess that because I authorized smart credit to request on my behalf the Collections company didn't respond in time and was removed. Well the collections company is still there as expect.

Now What I want to know after this boring story is the collections is off my credit, What I know is bill is valid in the sense of that service did respond. I dispute the amount(But again doesn't matter sense I didn't find out till many years later). What I want to avoid it getting stuck in a collections scam/loop/lawsuit hole and getting in trouble. Like every one I don't have a ton of money (No really I work at a school district and own my own house, and the value went up. Ugh payments went up). So the reality is I guess I am looking for some one who can assist me in negotiation on payment or giving me some guidance and if I get sued a price I can hire them for.

I looked into my finances and can on reliably pay $50 a month (I get paid monthly. I can show where the rest of my money goes as I pay all bills except some food.My Sister lives with me). I know charge rent. *sigh* she is in college and she works a dog groomer $40 a week. I have read where some say leave it alone. I read some who tried to negotiate and do everything right and get raked over the coals. I doubt this make any difference but this is my only mark on my credit period. Other than high debt. Which I am able to pay just fine. I just can't afford to screw up or get caught in a Collections nightmare due to my knowledge in these matters. So Basically If I do 50 Dollars a month It will take a long time and I would rather not make payments and get sued. I am looking at saving a sum of money. But If its not on my credit any more and I don't settle properly then it may reappear. I have tons of crazy notions in my head and am looking for someone who knows what the heck is going on.

If you have any questions please ask. I am not looking to bail on debt. Even If I feel bailing is warranted and someone else fault. Honestly I just want to find out the most cost effective way and get them paid and not get sued in the process unless its cheaper (I Doubt it. By the way what is the cost per hour?).

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