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    Default Debt Collector Harrasment

    My question involves collection proceedings in the State of: Ohio.
    I lived in apartment complex consisted on 200 units in parma OHIO. I was getting electricity from Illuminating company. I moved out of the apartment in June 2008 as per my leasing contract. I phone call Illuminating company to cancel the electercity. I moved to illinois after June 2008. I reciecved a phone call from Illuminating company for unpaid light bill from June 2008 to November 2008. I discussed with the company rep over the phone that I was not residing in the building and new resident might have moved into the complex. I also asked the building staff member to contact Illuminating company to resolve this issue. After two years, I'm recieveing constant phone calls from credit collectors for the payment. I need some opinions to resolve this matter since credit collectors claim that I never place a phone call to cancel the service.

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    Default Re: Debt Collector Harrasment

    You can instruct collection agencies not to contact you about a debt. That won't, however, resolve the issue, remove the debt from your credit report, or stop the creditor from suing you.

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